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What I’m Learning: My Design Project

One thing we do in our homeschooling is career-based projects. I want to be able to design and sew clothing in the future and so, my first project is a set of 10 outfits I design and sew either from scratch or through upcycling. Currently, I have two designs completed. 

My first design is a jersey themed A-line dress in the colors of blue and gold. This is an awesome base for an Alliance outfit. (World of Warcraft reference.) I want to make it out of typical jersey material with a softer material on the inside and add gold jewelry to the look. 

My second design is a green ombre outfit with a dark green round skirt and light green Peter Pan Collar top. I haven’t decided if it will have patterns or not. It should be comfortable and light, so it doesn’t make you sweat. 

I have 8 more designs to do before I’ve finished my 2018 collection and a lot of fabric shopping to do, but I still want to practice my sewing in other areas as well. Therefore, I am planning a secret bunny project. 

As I progress in this project and my secret project I will post more updates. Look forward to them. What patterns or designs do you like for your clothes? 


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